Welcome back!

To make the last part of your return trip as easy as possible, follow the steps below to get from the airplane to your car at Airport Indoor Parking.

How does it work?

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    Luggage belt

    Do you have all of you luggage?

    You are back at Schiphol and proceed directly from the airplane to the baggage carousel to collect your luggage. Sometimes it can take a bit of time before you have all of your luggage. It is therefore better to wait a while before calling to be picked up. This is because we are not allowed to wait very long at the departure hall at Schiphol.

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    Call airport indoor parking

    Call Airport Indoor Parking

    Once you have picked up all of your luggage from the carousel, proceed through customs through the sliding doors towards Schiphol Plaza and call Airport Indoor Parking. As soon as you call us, an Airport Indoor Parking shuttle bus will immediately depart to pick you up together with your luggage.

    +31 (0)85 051 6600

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    Retour step 02

    To Departure Hall 3, Exit C

    Take the escalator going up and follow the yellow signs to Departure Hall 3, Exit C. Wait here for our orange-blue shuttle bus, which will arrive in a few minutes.

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    Retour step 03

    Board the shuttle bus

    Approximately eleven minutes after you call us, we will arrive at the agreed-upon spot. You board our shuttle bus and our driver will look after your luggage, just as he/she did on your trip out. Trunk closed, seat belts on and back to Airport Indoor Parking, where your car is already waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Below, we have put together a list of the questions we are most often asked and try to answer them as clearly as possible. If you don’t see the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email.

Approximately eleven minutes after you call us, we will arrive at the agreed-upon spot.

Airport Indoor Parking is automatically informed when there is a change in your flight’s arrival time. It is not necessary for you to contact us about this.

As soon as you hear that your flight is cancelled, immediately contact Airport Indoor Parking at booking@airportindoorparking.nl or +31 (0)85 051 66 00. We will then discuss the situation with you, help you where possible and, of course, will pick you up when you finally arrive back at Schiphol.

Cannot not find the answer to your questions?

We are happy to help you! Contact us at: +31 (0)85 0516 600 or booking@airportindoorparking.nl.